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Create a career or business that just doesn’t feel like work!


Create closer relationships, become a super-communicator

Personal Goals

Goals for long-term vision and short-term motivation


Turn thought and intention into healthy habits and real results


Control your financial future. Know what you want and get it

Imagine how it feels to know exactly where you’re going! A complete sense of direction, confidence, calm and focus; a blissfully balanced life of rewarding relationships, financial freedom and professional fulfillment. Personal Coaching will help you define, refine and achieve that exhilarating success. From the moment you start your Coaching Sessions you will know that you are doing something incredibly valuable for you, and those whose lives you influence.

Coaching is for people that really want to succeed, make the very best of the precious time they have and feel the sense of achievement that only comes from living purposefully. Dramatically improve your outlook on work and life, your leadership skills, unlock potential, and most importantly, make significant and lasting change.


Professional coaching brings many wonderful benefits, and those who undertake it can expect to feel a great deal more satisfaction with life and work, an appreciable improvement in productivity. Here are some of the benefits:


  • Become the person you know you are destined to be
  • Gain fresh perspectives on personal challenges
  • Create balance, feel in control and have more fun!
  • Develop enhanced decision-making skills
  • Know exactly where to focus time, effort, energy and finances
  • Improve relationships and vastly upgrade your interpersonal effectiveness
  • Become wonderfully confident and energized
  • Be much more productive and effective
  • Overcome self-limiting beliefs and behaviors
  • Achieve goals and a wonderful sense of achievement an fulfillment
  • Have someone in your corner who helps you see the big picture and holds you accountable

What is Coaching? 

Coaching is a unique, forward-looking, thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize personal and professional potential. This designed alliance will help you:

  • Discover and clarify exactly what you want to achieve
  • Significantly raise your self awareness
  • Define and refine your values
  • Find a clear path forward
  • Generate clear solutions and strategies
  • Create an action plan
  • Hold you responsible and accountable for the actions that are agreed

Through careful questioning, exercises and discussions, Coach and Client work together to vastly raise awareness of values, stressors, motivators, inhibitors and self-beliefs, and through that awareness design meaningful goals and practical steps to achieve them. The Coach will help hold you accountable so that consistent progress is made, and appropriate goals are defined, refined and achieved.

Andy Bayon

CEO and Founder, The Nature Effect & San Diego Date Ideas,  San Diego, CA.

David possesses the perfect combination of warmth, generosity and expertise. I met him through a mutual friend and business contact at a point where my professional life had come to a standstill. I felt stuck and stressed.

At that time I was trying to get a new venture off the ground so I could leave my job a mid level manager in a large insurance company. I dreamt of getting out! Through David’s coaching I soon knew that the only way I was going to make a go of things was to just jump. I realized that this was one of the few times in my where I could do just that and I had nothing to lose.

Together we established firm and clear goals and the means to obtain them. With sufficient clarity of purpose and confidence I was able to leave my job and establish 2 businesses.

I am now immeasurably happier and very confident in my new ventures. David helps to shine light on my blind spots as my small businesses grow. I know he always has my best interests at heart.

Should you choose to work with him, he will see nothing but the good in you, and will masterfully bring out who you really are and how you can have a life that is truly fulfilling.

Andy Bayon

Shae LeFae

CEO The Faery Apothecary, Olympia, WA. 

As an artist I am full of creative business ideas but as soon as I get to the business side of things I crumble under the stress. When I came to David I knew I wanted a life and business that indulged my creativity, but just didn’t know how to do it. I just wanted to make stuff and have someone else take care of the business side of things.

David asked key questions that helped me form my ideas into something with structure and substance, find the strengths and weakness in my plan and focus on my goals.

I now know exactly what I need to do and how, and have the confidence to actually do it! David helped me establish my business as a credible and serious start up with a solid commercial backbone but that kept all the artistry and creativity in the process. I have a greater sense of direction, increased confidence, and able to clearly communicate what I do to investors, vendors and customers. “Highley” recommended!

Shae LeFae

Michael Jones

Musician, Manchester, England.

At nearly 30 years old I found myself living with my parents again, uncertain of my future and in a dead end job. I knew I wanted to live a much much “bigger” life. I met David through mutual friends in San Diego while I was on vacation and was very inspired by his story, and the way that he had changed his life, as I wanted to change mine.

With him I explored my personal values, found a self-awareness that gave me the clarity to make bigger plans than I thought possible, and the confidence to achieve them.

I gave up my job in the North of England and temporarily relocated to Australia. I am in the application process for for a working visa in Canada so that I can live my dream life in the mountains.

David is such a kind, considerate and conscientious Coach. He has offered me great support over the past two years. His relaxed, colloquial yet professional approach to sessions really allowed me really to open up, evaluate and explore my inner self, and ultimately overcome any obstacle or insecurities that I was carrying. Working alongside David will without doubt help you get to where you want to go and be who you want to be!

Michael Jones

Jim Geddes

Writer, Teacher and Special Ed. Specialist, San Diego.

David is a gifted life coach. He was able to help me assess my current circumstances, past history, and provide practical direction for the immediate and distant future, unlike anyone I’ve worked with. His integrity and ability to get to the heart of the matter as one reflects on challenges faced provides a backdrop that really produces results.

Jim Geddes

Zac Snyder

Senior. Analyst, Sales Strategy. Adobe


My life has changed greatly for the better ever since David and began working together. About 18 months ago I realized that I needed help getting my life on track. I had everything I used to think I wanted and should’ve felt ecstatic, but I felt unhappy. I was way ahead of schedule in terms of my own expectations of job, income and status, but still not happy or satisfied with my life.

David helped me reassess where I was and how to work towards a life I wanted to live in the future.  He did an amazing job of getting me to focus and find what’s really important to me in the midst of a crazy workweek and helped me identify the things in my life that were having negative effects on my happiness.

For the first time since I can remember, I feel like I am on track and I’m headed towards a life that I will be fulfilling. My social life is amazing and my confidence at an all time high. I have had 2 promotions at work in last 18 month with a pay raise of over $10, 000, international travel, received a national outstanding performance award, and am getting a huge amount of recognition for my recent achievements.

With David’s help, insights, and life experiences, I’m happier than ever. I’m still working hard and putting in long hours at work but I am also taking the time for myself to explore what truly makes me happy. By pushing me to explore and enjoy the things in life that make me happy and eliminated the drags on my happiness I now I have a life that feels much more balanced.

Zac Snyder

Laura Wildeman

CEO, Seattle, WA. 

A few years ago I met David in San Diego through a mutual friend that was an ex-client of his. At that time I was really struggling with a lack of professional direction and just feeling like something was missing.

Through some fascinating, thought provoking and sometimes hilarious conversations we looked at my values, passions, likes, dislikes, assumptions and behaviors that helped me figure out what I really wanted,

I took a senior management role with Microsoft in Seattle to be close to my family, and then started my own Marketing Consultancy. I have a much greater sense of clarity and confidence and couldn’t be happier.


Laura Wildeman

Tina Dean

Hospitality Consultant, San Diego. CA.

David came into my life at a time when I needed him most. I was living in Calgary, a wonderful city and working as a Director for a very prestigious hotel yet I was not happy. I felt trapped, powerless, overwhelmed and unable to make the decisions I needed to move forward in my professional and personal life. I thought I knew what I wanted and the changes I needed to make, but didn’t know how to bring them forward.

With David’s guidance I was able to step back and really think about what was best for me. He made me feel at ease, never tried to change my mind or put your thoughts into my head and truly guided me to be the best that I could be.  At times of doubt, he helped me see the value for me in what we were doing together. He patiently helped me understand that I could achieve much more than I thought possible. Every week I found more confidence and clarity, and found a way up and out of the hole I was in.

As a result of our work together I have now moved to Southern California, have better relationships with family and friends, and now work as a consultant in my industry, earning as much money as I did before but with more flexibility, more choice and less hours. I learned to have more joy and fun in my life, and to find a sense of peace, balance and personal empowerment. David truly cared about my success. His intuition, experience, and warm heart make him a wonderful coach. I could not have had a better.

Tina Dean

Jaisen Mahne

Writer, Mental Health Advocate and Consultant, Tasmania, Australia.

David has been instrumental in helping me to see the potential I have, and guided me to discover that I could achieve my goals.

I have an anxiety and fear over not performing well at work, but David encouraged me to look at things from another point of view.  He has made a great difference to the way in which I approach situations and make decisions.  Working with David has been a pleasure.  I have managed to accomplish several tasks that I had otherwise thought impossible.  His ability to get me to think outside the square has been incredibly useful.

Even though we live in different countries, we have utilized Skype for our sessions and I couldn’t be happier.  David is very honest, personable and friendly; he has a talent for seeing solutions and is extremely motivating.  I am very pleased with the results I have achieved through his coaching style.

Jaisen Mahne

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